The Mechanism

Share from anywhere

Have you ever wondered what a stranger is listening to? Well now you can tear down those musical barriers using your iPhone.

Say hello to Yodlr. Pick a username and the app handles the rest.

Discover everywhere

From the highest mountain top all the way down to your local street corner, share what you’re listening to.

Use the map to see what others are listening to in your neighbourhood. Yodlr provides a great way to discover new music trending near you.

List it up

Check out the list view to quickly scan the tracks playing nearby. Easily find a fellow music lover that shares your tastes.

Who knows? Maybe it's that guy jogging by who's jamming out to some hair metal.

Fine tune settings

You can also precisely control how accurately your yodel appears as represented by a circle on the map.

Yodlr stores only your most recent location and song uniquely per device. No record is kept of past locations and all user data in anonymous.

Available on the iPhone App Store